Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot, Episode 8 Zillion

Does any normal, reasonable, rational person think this woman is any threat at all to children?  No?  You're correct.  Who does think she's a threat?  A school principal:
An Army veteran living in Georgia says she wants an apology from her daughter's former school after being banned from the building for posting a photo of her concealed weapons permit to her Facebook page, WRDW.com reports.

Tanya Mount says she was approached by a police officer from the Richmond County Board of Education at McBean Elementary School and was warned that she was about to get a criminal trespass warning.

The officer told her that the principal at the school was “scared” of her and did not want her on the school property, she told the station.

"He asks: 'Were you in the Army?,"' she said. "I said, yes. He's like, 'Do you have a concealed weapons permit?' I said yes," she told the station...

Other posts on Mount's Facebook page are photographs of children trick-or-treating and recipes for pork tenderloin. 
The principal beclowns him/herself far more than I could ever do here, and makes all of us in education look bad in the process.


maxutils said...

Beyond the fact that his is moronic ... I need two questions answered. Does th principal really have nothing better to do do than hack into the facebook pages of his student's parents? And, Why are you putting a photo of your concealed carry permit on Facebook. I'll leave the obvious one about the picture not having any bearing on the mother's right to come pick up her daughter, or attend a conference etc. as one having no answer.

Ellen K said...

How sad for that student that their parent's job keeps them as a lower status individual. I have no doubt this same principal would have no problem with people who worked in far less honorable jobs.