Friday, September 13, 2013

I Like This Dad

I suggest to students that they shouldn't do anything in public that they wouldn't want to see their parents do in public--specifically I'm talking about making out in the halls or dry-humping at dances.  One girl in Utah apparently didn't have benefit of my counsel and paid an appropriate penalty:
When Scott Mackintosh’s daughter refused to wear something other than her “slutty” shorts, he decided to show her that her shorts might not be as cute as she thinks.

Utah dad Scott Mackintosh took matters into his own hands when his teenage daughter refused to wear more modest shorts on a night out with the family.

So the Utah father of seven took a pair of his own jeans, cut them off waaaayyyy too short and wore them out to dinner with the family.

The rest is Tumblr history.
Awesome! And yes, there are pictures at the link :-)

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