Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Know What Convinces Me That Genuine Racism Against Blacks Is So Rare?

It's all the racism hoaxes people have to perpetrate in order to convince others that racism still exists!

If I were at my most charitable I might be willing to allow that the people committing the hoaxes had--oh, heck, there's no way I'm that charitable.  They're lying, they're committing fraud, and they're framing others.  How much worse is it to personally gain from such a despicable act?
The black St. Peter’s Prep student who purportedly received racist text messages warning him to drop out of the Jersey City high school's student government election sent the texts to himself, a school official confirmed last week...

Neither the father nor son could be reached for comment. No one answered at the family's Armstrong Avenue house on Friday.
I hope he experiences the needed amount of shame and contrition.

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Ellen K said...

It's not a coincidence that every major racial scandal in the last fifteen years has people on the sidelines trying to make money on it. Trayvon's parents got a nice settlement courtesy of Sharpton. But the Duke Lacrosse players lost scholarships and the cop in the Tawana Brawley case had huge legal debts to settle. And that doesn't even touch the deaths of Chasidic Jews because of venom whipped up by the usual race baiters in Crowne Heights. Someone is making money off these cases.