Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hate Crime Hoaxes

Someone really has to be sick to create a fake "hate crime" in order to "draw attention to" something that is so rare that they have to make one up!  This comment summed things up for me:
I've known many on the Left. Every single one of them espoused the soft racism of affirmative action. All of them divided the world up by race, gender, and class. Not right vs. wrong. Not good vs. evil. But race, gender, class. That's why someone like Meg Lanker-Simons can do what she did without understanding it was wrong. They don't see wrong, they see race, they see gender, they see class.
Liberals to a T.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

Nice case in point in support of my contention that lefties are emotionally stunted. That they're emotionally immature.

Everything revolves around the lefty and what they want, just like a child. If they're swept away with a desire to be heroes then there are villains, either imaginary or distant in space and/or time, to vanquish by saying mean things.

In this case the need to see themselves as heroic led our intrepid pair to create villains, or a false semblance of villains, so that they could instruct the less enlightened on the heinousness of those villains were they to show up any time soon on the Oberlin campus.

Of course the school administration comes in for serious criticism in their effort to deflect any responsibility from the school. They weren't covering up the various crimes for the benefit of our two, young heroes but for the benefit of the school. Once the truth about the two snots got out Oberlin was no longer the place where Dungeons and Racists was being played but where a couple of phonies were making the administration look like a bunch of schmucks. The first is exciting theater, just the way lefties prefer their villains, the latter not so much fun.