Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blogging May Be Light For Awhile

I'm heading north tonight!

It's odd, but I like to start my vacations in the evening.  I'm a night owl anyway so I can drive into the night and, when I wake up, feel like I've gotten a head start on my trip.  That's what I'm doing tonight.

I've driven every single mile of Interstate 5 from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, and tonight I head back towards the Canadian border.  I'll stop and lunch with a couple people on the way up before spending a few days visiting friends on San Juan Island (last year's pics and video here and here), and then I'm over to Victoria, BC, where I haven't been in 8 years (I doubt it's changed much).  Visiting a friend from my Air Force Academy days on the way back home.

Curious about my accommodations for this trip?  Don't be!

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