Friday, June 29, 2012

Trip Pics and Video

The weather could hardly have been better for the vast majority of the time I spent on the San Juan Islands, and you see evidence of it in these pictures:
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 A reflective stop on the way to Roche Harbor, with the Saanich Peninsula in the distance.

 We took the ferry over to Orcas Island, where we rode the scooters.  Here, "the captain" and "the admiral" stand near the scooters.

 A view of what I call "the boobies", from an overlook on Mt. Constitution.

 The "first mate" and I during a stop at Roche Harbor.

"The captain" and I at an alpaca farm on San Juan Island.

The view from the porthole of my cabin.

A couple of Kenmore Air planes at the the Friday Harbor marina.

Approaching Seattle on Kenmore Air.


PeggyU said...

And now we're back to rain. :(

Oh, well, it's an Independence Day tradition.

MikeAT said...

In June you have to have a that's nice! We broke 105 last week but we're getting a break this weekend... 90!