Sunday, March 10, 2013

When You Dodge A Bullet, You Shouldn't Jump In Front Of Another One

One wonders about this high school softball coach:
A high school softball coach has resigned after he was accused of using his team of girls to find him dates.

Troy Hennum submitted his resignation to Seattle Public Schools on Friday, officials said, after his dating scavenger hunt was brought to their attention by a woman who said she was targeted for a date.
Not the brightest thing, but perhaps not a career-killer.  But:
"He seemed like a nice enough guy for a while," Aagard said.

She had a change of heart, she said, after she searched for Hennum online and found articles about his departure from another school in nearby Lake Washington.

The Lake Washington School District reportedly found no cause to discipline Hennum for texting a student in an April 2012 incident, but he was not on staff the next season.

"I was completely … shocked to see something inappropriate happened with this coach before," Aagard said.
He probably should watch his behavior around students.

And now, what about the women his students found for him?  She was perfectly fine with what he was doing until--when, exactly?  When she found out he had texted a student before?  Not that I would ever be texting students, but the school found no cause for disciplinary action, so what was this woman so concerned about?  If she were going to be concerned it should have been about being targeted by high school girls as a potential date for their coach, not because he used to work at a different school.

Neither the coach nor his "date" come across very well in this story.

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gbradley said...

He should totally fight that one.
Sounds like he has a good relationship with his players.
Yeah, don't send them out recruiting women for you. He should know better than that.

He shouldn't lose his job over it though, unless there's something we don't know.
There is no crime in being single.
Now, if he was targeting students, or former students, then he deserved it, but the article didn't indicate that.