Saturday, March 02, 2013

What Lesson Are These Students Being Taught?

School administrators are too often CYA-serving nutjobs:
A Florida high school student wrestled a loaded gun away from another teen on the bus ride home this week and was slapped with a suspension in return.

The 16-year-old Cypress Lake High student in Fort Myers, Fla. told WFTX-TV there was “no doubt” he saved a life after grappling for the loaded .22 caliber revolver being aimed point-blank at another student on Tuesday.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the suspended student, not identified by WFTX because of safety concerns. “Not taking no pity.”

The student said the suspect, a football player, threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

Authorities confirmed to WFTX the weapon was indeed loaded, and the arrest report stated the suspect, identified by WVZN-TV as Quadryle Davis, was “pointing the gun directly” at the other student and “threatening to shoot him.”

That’s when, the teen told the station, he and two others tackled the suspect and wrestled the gun away. The next day, all three were suspended.

“How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?” he asked.

The school’s referral slip said he was given an “emergency suspension” for being involved in an “incident” with a weapon.
Tar and feathers, as the Instapundit would say.


Anonymous said...

The anti-gun-control folks have a saying that is relevant here: "Better tried by twelve than carried by six."

-Mark Roulo

KauaiMark said...

...the kid should be hailed as a hero and given a concealed carry permit as a reward. He's proven his worth.

Anonymous said...

He and the other guy should have been publicly commended for prompt, possibly lifesaving, action.

Ellen K said...

And this is what is wrong with student rules that are absolute. But, to be fair, this is the result of litigious parents who will push every single legal button to get their way whether it is in regards to cheerleader tryouts or drug possession. I agree it doesn't make sense, but then so little does lately.

maxutils said...

If, as an administrator, you can't be trusted to make judgement calls, you shouldn't be an administrator. Same with judges. I would take this suspension with pride, then sue the district for not providing proper security against firearms. What's good for the goose . . .