Friday, March 15, 2013

Friendliest and Unfriendliest Nations for Tourists

I laughed when I saw these lists, because since I was a child I've wanted to go to Iceland and to Mongolia:
Attitude of population toward foreign visitors
(1 = very unwelcome; 7 = very welcome)


1. Iceland 6.8
2. New Zealand 6.8
3. Morocco 6.7
4. Macedonia, FYR 6.7
5. Austria 6.7
6. Senegal 6.7
7. Portugal 6.6
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina 6.6
9. Ireland 6.6
10. Burkina Faso 6.6


1. Bolivia 4.1
2. Venezuela 4.5
3. Russian Federation 5.0
4. Kuwait 5.2
5. Latvia 5.2
6. Iran 5.2
7. Pakistan 5.3
8. Slovak Republic 5.5
9. Bulgaria 5.5
10. Mongolia 5.5


PeggyU said...

I recently met a woman from Mongolia, and she is a very friendly person. "Foreign visitors" would mean visitors from anywhere but Mongolia, so it might be helpful to know which foreigners visit Mongolia most often.

Steve USMA '85 said...

I've been to #7, Portugal, many times. I have always been amazed how people treat me once they find out I am from the United States. There have been many a time I never had to bring my wallet out of my pocket at the local pub.

Even though I made more in a month then they did in a year, they considered it an honor to be able to buy for an American. Of course, I did go to many places off the beaten track since I married a young lady born & raised in the northern mountains of Portugal 28 years ago.

Still, on our trips to Lisbon & Oporto, I was treated the same as in a rural mining town. I highly recommend vacationing there if you hold a U.S. passport.