Thursday, August 02, 2012

Went to Chick-fil-A Today

It was 1pm on the day after the buycott, and still the parking lot and the restaurant were jam-packed.  It looked like they had every employee they could find working back there, yet all the counter people were as nice, polite, and pleasant as possible even though they were clearly harried by the sheer volume of orders.  I posted the following on Facebook:
Heads are gonna explode over Chick-fil-A. What to do in Sacramento???

"Sacramento Chick-fil-A owner Joshua Paul said his location did a day's worth of business by the lunch hour.

He said his store is open to all customers.

'We are in the community and we will treat every guest with honor, dignity and respect,' Paul said.

Paul is a member of the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce." (Boldface is mine, and the quote comes from this story.)
So if you go to C-f-A, our friends on the left will say you're supporting hate. But if you *don't* go, it's just as clear to me that you're supporting homophobic hate.

What's a good leftie to do?

I know what a good rightie is going to do. I'm going to enjoy the lunch I just had, and then sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the antics!
I'm kind of a moderate on the gay marriage issue.  When the public votes to allow gay marriage, I'll no longer be against it, but I can't stomach a legislature's or a judge's redefining a word.  Orwell's 1984 showed me where that leads.  But anyway, I didn't go to C-f-A to support traditional marriage or to be anti-gay-marriage; no, I went to stand up to the bullies in San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago, who want to use the power of government to punish a corporation because its president doesn't have the "correct" political or social views.

Just for fun's sake, let's check out which restaurants the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce recommended for it's Dining Out With PRIDE 2011.

Those of you who want to make everything political, even down to which businesses you frequent, perhaps you'll learn that the world isn't quite as black and white as you think it is.  Perhaps you could watch this video and tell me if you support this guy or are proud of what he did in your name.


Marlex said...

I'm very much in support of gay marriage, but it's appalling that elected officials think they can target businesses for their president's speech.

If the company was breaking the law, that'd be one thing. But speech, whether it's the company's president's words or the money it donates, is protected by the first amendment. I don't agree with them, but the government doesn't have the power to keep a business out because of them.

We'd live in a much more dangerous country if they could.

Darren said...

I would hope that most people who went to C-f-A went for that reason, Marlex, and not in support (or defiance) of what the company's president said.

MikeAT said...

I had breakfast there yesterday before the crown hit. I had lunch there today at 130 and the place was still packed. From from buddy Steve a location in Schreveport closed at 700pm because it ran out of food.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Darren, do you really think that the majority of people who went to Chick-Fil-A's "Appreciation Day" did it because of free speech?:

These are the people you ate lunch/dinner with.

Darren said...

Yes--and finding the most extreme examples of the opposite doesn't prove your point.

Heck, even rabid leftist Whoopi Goldberg agrees with me:{40BC2CE7-A89A-4650-9F6E-A76C7FC5BFD2}&title=Whoopie-Defends-Chick-Fil-A