Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Damage He's Wrought

Plenty of good reasons not to vote for Obama:
Unlike Carter, Obama is not incompetent in promoting his hatred for America's traditional values and in embedding it into our institutions, e.g., the ruinous Obamacare, the rapid expansion of the federal dole, the insistence on apologizing for our successes, the disastrous "stimulus" spending, the glorification of the "victim" culture, promotion of envy and cynicism, and denigration of individual effort and success ("You didn't build that!") That is the real threat posed by what Obama represents. Overcoming that threat will take years of sustained effort. It begins, of course, with voting Obama out of the White House next November, but does not end there.
I can't think of a good reason to vote for Obama.  Seriously and objectively, I cannot think of one.

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Ellen K said...

Unfortunately you are in a state that will not vote for anyone other than Obama. I've talked to relatives in LA and San Diego and frankly, their lack of factual information and their unwillingness to hear anything to the contrary of their views makes it where I have a hard time feeling bad for the economic earthquake that's about to hit them. Texas needs good math teachers....I'm just saying....