Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Thought Getting A Master's Degree Was Supposed To Be Easy :-)

2 courses.
3 hrs of video lecture per course per week.
Plus homework.
Plus tests.
For an entire semester.

For 5 semesters.

What have I done???


MikeAT said...

Taken your first step I would say.

You handled West Point with a real major and came out (correct me if I'm wrong...I know you will ;<) ) 33 out of the class. You will handle this.

maxutils said...

That doesn't sound too bad . . . no thesis? No commute? Done when you have time? Count yourself lucky.

PeggyU said...

It will give you sympathy for your students. ;)

Anonymous said...

You multiplied the three hours of lecture by at least two to get the number of hours you were expected to spend on homework, right?

So ... an extra 20 hours or so per week (6 hours of video lecture and 12+ hours of homework) our of your schedule.

Yeah, what *have* you done?

Good luck ...

-Mark Roulo

Darren said...

Mike, I always thought I was 33rd--turns out I was 28th! I don't know where the mix-up came, but since it's in the good direction I don't mind.

oscarremark said...

I'm sure it will be worth it after you finished your master degreeprogram.