Monday, August 27, 2012

Humble Pie

Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew.  I did that, so now I have to eat some humble pie.

I thought that I could work, be a dad, have a life, and take 2 master's level courses at the same time.  After one week, in which some of the work was review and there was very little new material, I've found that that's just not so.  The time commitment is just too great.  I might be able to make it through the semester, but I think I'd be a very unhappy, unpleasant person by December.

So I made a decision.  I contacted my advisor--who a couple months ago warned me against taking 2 classes at once--and she concurs with my decision to drop one of the classes.  This morning I dropped statistical analysis.

My remaining class (linear algebra) will still take about 10 hrs a week, but I should still have time left over for the rest of what life has to offer.  I've confirmed with my statistical analysis professor that he'll offer that course again next semester so I'll take it then.

I'm a little embarrassed about being knocked down to size in an academic environment, but, as they say, "it is what it is."  Now I just need to do well in my remaining course so I can salvage some dignity out of this.


Coach Brown said...

Sounds like a sensible decision, dignity having nothing to do with it. The variables are a tad bit different now than back in the day.

PeggyU said...

There's only so many hours in the day - and you need some of them for sleep! It is better to do downsize and do a good job than to spread yourself too thin.