Sunday, August 05, 2012

How Those Of Us In Steerage Would Be Saved In The Event Of An At-Sea Disaster

You've seen the nice, fancy lifeboats on those cruise ships.  Notice them here, with their nice orange tops, just a couple decks above the water:
 (click to enlarge, because they're hard to see on the port side)
You might also notice that there aren't very many of those lifeboats.  What would the rest of us do, those of us in the 143 square foot cabins?  This:

No, none of that being lowered off the ship in a lifeboat for us po' folk.  We get to jump!


KauaiMark said...

I thought it looked kinda fun...

Anonymous said...

The lifeboats aren't for the rich people. They're usually for young, injured, or elderly people who can't easily go down the slide.

There is a lot of fuss when a ship sinks. Generally, the idea is that the crew will man the (powered, mobile) lifeboats and use them to corral and assist the (unpowered, cattle car) life rafts.

Also, FWIW it is really hard to actually LAUNCH a lifeboat, and it is relatively simple to launch a life raft.

If you really want to see some bad-ass life boats, Google the "free fall" ones that are on the back of many large ships.

Darren said...

This post was not meant to be taken 100% seriously, anonymous.