Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Older

Some time in the past few weeks, the midpoint of the living graduates of West Point went through me.  I'm now in the older half!

Update, 8/22/12:  Sir, may I make a correction?  When last I checked, the midpoint was a woman graduate of my class whose last name begins with U, meaning the midpoint had passed me and I was in the upper half of all living graduates.  However, when she was a cadet her last name began with an H, so the midpoint hadn't gotten to me yet--and still hasn't!  As of today the midpoint is still in the H's in the Class of '87 so I'm still in the younger half of living West Point graduates.

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MikeAT said...

I feel your pain. I got a rookie tonight for field training. She was born on Aug 24, 1988.

I was a 2LT enroute to Korea when she was born!