Thursday, August 09, 2012

Do They Think This Will Make Them More Money?

Do they think there's some vast, homosexual train-riding demographic to be tapped?
Amtrak is joining the recent trend of companies taking sides in the fight over gay rights with a new marketing campaign dubbed “Ride With Pride.”

The campaign features a website,, and advertisements showing same-sex couples aboard trains. It includes discounts to destinations like Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod, Mass., which Amtrak says is “extremely gay-friendly,” and a section called “out and about” that lists pride events.
Maybe they think that more people will ride Amtrak now that it's shown its true (rainbow) colors?

I'm all for gay-friendly, but in my humble opinion, Amtrak should spend less time on this political correctness and more on, oh, I don't know, how about turning a profit (see chart, p. 9).


MikeAT said...

Thanks Amtrak. Ride with Pride is the mottof of the Blue Knights!

allen said...

Since it's Amtrak, we all get to pay for it whether the idea makes money or not.

Some of my best friends... said...

"I'm all for gay-friendly"


It would be easier to argue—with evidence—that you eagerly jump aboard every right-wing media undie-bunching ride that ever opens.

Darren said...

Prove I'm not. Otherwise, shut your pie-hole.