Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yesterday Was A Good Day For Me

As it was Friday it already had a leg up on the other days, but yesterday was one of those banner days.

I gave my pre-calculus students a quiz on Thursday.  The quiz covered sigma notation and inductive proofs, and the class had struggled through the inductive proofs for a couple days, but when I graded the quizzes yesterday morning the average grade was 90%.  Nice.

Each year I mention the thoughtfulness and generosity of our PTSA.  Yesterday they held our end of the year luncheon, A Taste of Italy, and there was more than enough to eat!  And at the luncheon, I won a door prize--a $10 Starbucks card.

After work we held a gathering for the impending retirement of two of our math teachers.  It was at the manse of our department chair, and among the guests were our two math teachers that retired last year.  Again, good times and more than enough food and drink.

As I said, yesterday was a good day.


Shannon said...

My pre-calc class didn't cover inductive proofs and it took me far more than a couple of days of struggle to learn them on my own. So 90% is very nice. Good work.

Darren said...

Thanks :)