Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shades of the Stasi

Doesn't this sound a bit too secret police-y?
New Jersey education officials will no longer use a standardized test question that asked third-graders to reveal a secret and write about why it was difficult to keep.

The question appeared on the writing portion of some versions of the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge given to third-graders this past week. And it drew criticism from some parents, who thought it was inappropriate.

The state Department of Education says the question was reviewed and approved by it and a panel of teachers. They said it was only being tried out and would not count in the students' scores.
Could they come up with no better writing prompt than that?  No?  Then fire them all.


maxutils said...

Seriously? Here would be my entire essay: "The secret I wish to keep is one that I will keep secret . . . and to reveal it would be to admit not understanding your propmpt."

Ellen K said...

It's funny,my kids have always taken prompts like that to go off on a rant. But because they could write and make a case for the idiocy of it, they always got full credit. I really want to know who is making money off these tests and the material to support it. Someone's making a killing.