Monday, May 07, 2012

Pantywaste Whiners

Things must be pretty good if this is all these overly-sensitive students have to complain about:
The outreach of Badgers Against Racism on campus Friday raised the profile of the group’s issue behind the Mifflin Street Block Party’s unofficial “Cinco de Mifflin” theme, but it did not stop a number of students from wearing costumes that played on Mexican stereotypes.

Around 30 participants held “Ask me about Cinco de Mifflin” signs, played music and gave out T-shirts and fliers Friday seeking to spread the newly formed student group’s message of cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding.

But some Mifflin attendees prominently displayed the kind of costumes the group spoke out against at Saturday’s block party, dressing in sombreros and ponchos or wearing “Cinco de Mifflin”-themed shirts.

For BAR member CJ Rios, these outfits can be “hurtful,” no matter how innocent their intent.
I am very serious here.  CJ Rios, allow me, who has been compared to Rafiki in The Lion King, to share some advice and wisdom with you:  buck up.

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Lady Harriet said...

Why am I not surprised that this comes from my hometown? Madison is a continual source of all things ridiculous.