Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"Occupy" Is A Mob, Nothing More

I don't care about their moral purity or their beliefs or whatever when they act the way they do:
INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Occupy’s Descent Into Mobbery Threatens Democracy. “After a day of mayhem, Occupy protesters have shown themselves to be little more than a dangerous mob. Democrats coddle them even as their outrages escalate. Criminal behavior has no place in a democracy. . . . Coddled by authorities, and openly supported by members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, whose members claim to advance its aims in the House and Senate, Occupy is an outrage. That any democratically elected political leader could support this fundamentally anti-democratic show of power is sickening.”
The person I know who is running for political office tried to assure me the other day that the troublemakers aren't really part of the occupy crowd.  "I know the occupy people, and that's not them."  Sorry, dude, you're laying down with dogs and are getting a nasty case of fleas.

Update, 5/3/12:  Turning a blind eye to this can only be willful:
A REMINDER: Repeat: The Cleveland 5, the geniuses who tried to blow up a bridge for the 99%, are all Occupiers.

Related: “So yesterday, OWS tore up a couple of cities, sent fake anthrax to banks, and tried to blow up a bridge… I for one can’t wait for the media expose about racists in the Tea Party.”

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allen (in Michigan) said...

I can't get too excited about the "Occupy" crowd.

They're demands are incoherent where they're not unrealistic or without merit. They don't, despite all sorts of claims to the contrary, enjoy much support outside the most extreme of the extreme left. They're largely uninterested in the political process eschewing involvement in favor of tantrum. They don't have the desperation borne of poverty or injustice that might motivate violence.

Basically they're just a bunch of folks who are upset that they don't get everything they feel they deserve and on someone else's dime.

About the only thing they haven't done so far is threaten to hold their breath until they go blue in the face and die.