Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is This Really Worth Pitching A Fit Over?

I don't know what causes some parents to get their panties in a bunch over silly things like this:
A Florida high school science teacher faces dismissal amid allegations that she used a "cone of shame" dog collar to discipline students.

Pasco County Schools Superintendent Heather Fiorentino has recommended firing Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp, 47, for putting a dog collar on at least eight of her ninth-grade students during two days last month.

The collar was reportedly the type used to prevent animals from licking their wounds after surgery. "Cone of shame" is a reference to the animated film "Up," which Bailey-Cutkomp had previously shown to students...

Some of her students say it was all a joke, in good fun.
I guess some parents must want their kids to be suspended from class for even the most minor infractions, because that's about all we teachers are left with.  I know of a teacher who's had threats from a parent over assigning a detention.

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Happy Elf Mom said...

I lived near Pasco County about 16 years ago and unless things have changed greatly, good parents do not send their children to school there. I know several who homeschool/homeschooled. The children who attended public school were the ones picked up by our church's ministry bus on Sunday morning. You wouldn't believe the filth these children lived in; it was literally like a third world country to see their trailers with no a/c and leaking, the piles of dirty stuff, unwashed children with caked and embedded dirt. I mean children dirty wayyy beyond the "playing outside" variety.

The cone of shame is the least of their worries if there are riots and that sort of thing going on also.