Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Know Someone Running For Political Office

I've always known he was a leftie, but in the past we haven't delved deep into his beliefs.  Yesterday, though, when he handed me a doorknob flyer, we talked.

Oh. My. Gawd.

He's running to "occupy" government and make it "work for the 99%".  I'll give him credit, at least he's not trying to hide who he is and what he believes.

I can go along with making the office he's running for part-time, and with fixing roads.  I can't go along with forbidding banks to foreclose on homes of people not making payments.

He actually used the word "slavery" to describe the so-called plight of the "99%".  When I said that he was just engaging in class warfare and envy, his first response was that he wasn't, and his second was that "the rich" started the class warfare.

When I asked why he'd want to ally himself with the Occupy crowd, what with its rapes and thefts and murders and infestations, his reply was from another world:  "That didn't happen.  That's not Occupy.  I know the Occupy people, that wasn't them."

I guess it was them who trashed San Francisco last night in anticipation of today's Occupy rallies, either.  Like my potential politician, the Occupy folks are trying to claim that they didn't cause the damage--must be all those Tea Partiers in San Francisco--but their claim doesn't seem very likely, given the facts from their own web site.

This is who he's chosen to ally himself with.  I guess we'll find out in a few months if it gets him elected or not.


Anonymous said...

The occupy movement confirms the fact that 10% of the population is frickin' nuts.

Carol said...

There seems to be no shortage of aging hipsters in my area, who identify with Occupy and project all sorts of altruistic motives on them. I think they're compensating for being apathetic back when they were young themselves.