Monday, May 07, 2012

Another Former Student Of Mine In The News

From the major Sacramento newspaper:
Mweluke Kyumba was the most dapper student at American River College on Friday afternoon, donning a black vest and tie over his satin blue shirt while other students welcomed the sunny weather with shorts and tees.

It was a sign of just how seriously Kyumba, 22, takes his ballroom dancing class. At first, it was just a recreational course, but after his fourth time around, dancing has become his life, he says.

There are few subject areas at community colleges where students can repeat classes, but many do so with arts and physical education courses under the mantra that practice makes perfect.

That soon could change.
The article is about a proposal that would ban students from repeating courses unless they've previously earned a less-than-satisfactory grade in the course.

Mweluke was always dapper. 

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C T said...

What? "Practice makes perfect"? Poor deluded arts and PE course students, don't you know that repetitious practice (i.e. drills) kills your enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter? This proposal is just to protect you from your own misguided thinking. Be glad someone wiser is looking out for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing this article Mr Miller. Didnt know you paid attention.