Monday, March 26, 2012


Henry Louis Gates incident: "Cambridge police acted stupidly"
Backtrack: Had the beer summit

Major Hasan, Fort Hood shooter incident: Cautions against jumping to conclusions about the role of Hasan's religion in the shootings
Why would anyone jump to conclusions: Hasan shouted "Allahu ackbar" before shooting

Trayvon Martin shooting: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon"
Information trickling out: Martin got shot while/after attacking the neighborhood watchman
By the way: Prior to last week, had you ever heard of a person described by the media as a "white Hispanic"? And does the guy shown in this video look white to you? What possible (decent and legitimate) motive could certain groups and/or organizations have for describing the shooter this way? *pauses while crickets chirp*

Instapundit excerpted the following from this column:
We went from the beer summit to Trayvon Martin’s resemblance to the boy the president never had. In each case, facts did not matter. . . . The role of a president is to rein in the mob, not to unleash it. The latter is what community organizers do; the former is what makes statesmen. Yet on issue after issue — anti-terrorism, global warming, government ethics, and racial relations — a frenzied mob, egged on by the media and demagogues like Barack Obama, have almost stormed the jail, only to dissipate when met by either evidence, or the knowledge that the incarcerated was one of their own — as if they had never screamed and threatened in the first place.
I have no respect for this president. So much for post-racial.

Update, March 30, 2012:
Add this from John Hinderaker of PowerLine Blog:
President Obama has fanned the flames of hatred in the Trayvon Martin case, and has not said a single critical word about the outrageous actions of the New Black Panthers, who offered a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman–the same New Black Panthers on whose behalf Eric Holder quashed a federal criminal prosecution; or of Spike Lee, who tweeted a wrong address for Zimmerman, presumably to facilitate harassment or even murder; or of the many liberals who have posted on the @killzimmerman Twitter feed; or of the many other Democrats and liberals who have indulged in an orgy of hate with respect to Mr. Zimmerman. President Obama’s interest in the victims of violence is selective: he cares if they look like the hypothetical son he doesn’t have.
It's bad enough that people fell for Obama's lies the first time. Will enough of them fall for them again?


allen (in Michigan) said...

Well that's just silly. I President Obama were at all interested in reining in mobs he wouldn't have had Rahm Emanuel, of "never let a crisis go to waste" fame as his chief of staff.

Ellen K said...

It's political cover. He's sent Sharpton and Jackson to rouse the base back into thinking that he's the only one who can save them. There are two sides to this story, but only one is being sold by the media. Show us current photos of Trayvon. Explain why his dad has changed his story three times. Tell me why Zimmerman's nose was broken.

MikeAT said...

@Ellen K

And tell us why this was not an issue until 3 weeks after he was killed. The Rodney King incident was a big item from the moment the tape came out which was days after the incident. Why is this erupting now and not right after the boy was killed.