Wednesday, March 07, 2012

One Of My Problems With Socialism Is What It Does To Your Soul

In Yellowstone you see signs telling you not to feed the wildlife. When asked, a ranger will tell you that the animals (think elk and bears and wolves and bison and such) would eventually grow dependent on humans and forget how to take care of themselves.

Why do we have such concerns about animals but not about people? Yes, I get it that some people struggle and need help. What I debate is how much "help", and for how long, if that help is paid for with taxpayer money instead of charity.

Welfare, food stamps, etc., are not rights. No one has a right to anything that I have to pay for. If I pay for it, it's at best an entitlement, and entitlements can change. I don't have to pay for your right to free speech or religion....

This woman, her soul has been destroyed by being on food stamps. She doesn't know right from wrong. She's lost a segment of her humanity. And yes, I'm quite sure part of the reason is government dependence:
Last fall, 24-year-old Amanda Clayton struck it big when she won $1 million playing the Michigan lottery. That’s life-changing. And in many ways, it was: she bought a new house and car. But in at least one way, it wasn’t: hidden cameras found she’s still using food stamps to pay for her meals....

“I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she added. “I have two houses.”

And when asked if she would keep doing it until the state cuts her off, she admitted “yeah,“ adding things are ”hard.”
Is she a 1 percenter? Maybe the "occupy" movement should camp out in front of one of her two houses.

Hat tip to NewsAlert.

Update, 3/8/12: That didn't take long:
The 24-year-old, who is unemployed, said she continued to receive public assistance...

But the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) said Wednesday that the woman was no longer receiving benefits and warned that people who continued to receive handouts in such circumstances may face criminal investigation and be required to pay back those benefits...

A bill to stop lottery winners from continuing to cash in on food assistance has passed the state House and lawmakers are pushing for the Senate to approve it as well.

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Ellen K said...

I hope the IRS cleans her out. Of course then her good friends at OWS will make her a posterchild for how vindictive the one percent are.