Friday, March 09, 2012

I Think Everyone's Ready For The Weekend

It was a rough day today.

I didn't sleep well last night.

My student teacher had a rough time in one of our classes. She's doing fine, but one class didn't run as smoothly as she would have liked. And she's not been feeling well.

At lunch today, one teacher got so "exercised" in the staff room that she shouted at another teacher names that far exceed anything Rush Limbaugh has said in the last 9 days.

I'm glad the weekend's here!


Dean Baird said...

Periods 1-3: my fly = unzipped. When a rogue breeze alerted me to this during a prep period perambulation, all I could do was laugh.

Darren said...

Someone *had* to have noticed--I can't believe no one told you.

Dean Baird said...

I can only hope they were transfixed by the wonders of magnetism that unfolded before them in today's lab activity. For what it's worth, this one did elicit spontaneous "this is sooo cool" comments. Maybe I was successfully invisible.

Guide on the side... with an errant air vent.

Anonymous said...

Was it the full (or fool) moon? My 9th graders were loosy-goosy; just hyper all day.
Three young men who have spent a great deal of the school life using their mouths to cut down, harass, make nasty comments about everyone around them (except those bigger or more powerful) finally got the boom lowered on them. And what were their first comments: Ididn't do it, I didn't mean it, she tookit the wrong way, and on and on.
I've been writing these guys up, not letting them even open their mouths in my room, but they would not hear what we were all telling them: they were someday going to pay the price for their nastiness. I am doing the happy dance that our principal suspended them, after calling in parents to the school, and having the guts to do what needed to be done. Our school had a weakling for principal for three years before this and that was hell on earth-he was afraid to do anything so the inmates ran the awylum. I almost quit last year. Now it's a new day-what a difference a principled principal makes!

PeggyU said...

What on earth would incense someone so much that she would vent like that in the workplace???