Sunday, March 11, 2012

Farrakhan At Berkeley

Any liberal see the hypocrisy problems in this short snip?
UC President Mark Yudof weighed in on the Farrakhan appearance, writing in an open letter that "we cannot as a society allow what we regard as vile speech to lead us to abandon the cherished value of free speech."

The Nation of Islam leader seemed to relish the controversy, according to the paper, telling the crowd in the nearly full 700-seat auditorium that opposition to him was a sign of slave-master mentality by white America.

Farrakhan at one point briefly adopted a faux Asian accent and used gibberish after asking the audience if they had ever seen the Chinese picketing, drawing a gasp from some in the crowd.

He garnered a standing ovation at the end.
I assure you, we conservatives see them.


Ellen K said...

Would this be the same Berkley that had Pro-Palestinian rallies to the point that some Jewish students lodged discrimination cases in court? Tell me more of the "tolerant left".
I especially like this quote in the comments on this story
"Thus opening the floodgates for real violence. If Saudi Arabia is 'Hatred's Kingdom", UC Berkely is its kindergarten. "

maxutils said...

I would have gone to see him. My three biggies when I went to UC Davis were Henry Kissinger, Hunter S. Thompson, and William F Buckley and Milton Friedman debating a team of government hacks over school vouchers (guess who did better). Oh, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, playing before about 100 people. the point is, diversity is good -- and I probably would have left the speech pissed off. But, I would have seen it. College is the perfect place for stuff like this.

BTW -- Hunter was a wee bit hammered. RIP.