Thursday, March 15, 2012

Does This Really Merit A Visit To The Principal's Office?

A "professional educator" made this decision:
Technically, running an NCAA tournament office pool is illegal if you collect money. After all, that's unsanctioned sports gambling. Yet that doesn't stop people from organizing and funding dozens of NCAA betting efforts every spring across the nation.

Unfortunately for Omaha fifth-grader Max Kohll, his bracket competition wasn't one that eluded official attention. In fact, it got him sent to the principal's office.
OK, so he was charging $5 to get in. Here's how I would have handled it:
Me: Max, that's not appropriate at school. Please put it away now and do that at home.
Max: OK, Mr. RotLC.
See? Not so difficult to deal with.


KauaiMark said...

I've been asked by school office staff at least two of the schools I sub at if I wanted to get in on the "office pool".

As I don't follow basketball (Baseball, hockey are more my speed), I declined.

mazenko said...

"Office pools" - or small betting pools among private parties - are legal in most states.

Of course, engaging in them "at work" could be considered inappropriate, as would any personal business conducted at work. But, of course, that's a bit extreme.

So, this is really bogus.

maxutils said...

Gambling isn't bad unless you're gambling more than you can afford. While I can see a school not wanting to endorse the activity . . . who hasn't filled out a NCAA bracket?

MikeAT said...

And that is why you will not be admin....your head is out of your ass!