Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow In The Sierra

Last year there was so much snow that there was skiing in the Sierra on the 4th of July weekend--usually April/May is as late as you get. This year is like "the year without a winter" here in the Sacramento Valley, with lighter than normal snowfall in the Sierra. Climate change, you say?
Have you noticed lately how many stories that are reaching the “mainstream” media debunking the whole global warming/climate change scam? A sure sign this hoax is headed toward history’s dustbin is the virtual irrelevance of chief scammer Al Gore and the growing evidence of data refuting the wild-eyed claims of Gore and his leftwing accomplices.

Well, there’s another breakthrough today as the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting snowfall in the Sierras has remained consistent over a 130-year span despite the hysterical claims of those who’ve perpetrated this massive fraud on a gullible public.
The picture of Saint Al at the link is pretty good.


PeggyU said...

Sustainability is the new angle. Not that it's that new, but it is a slipperier worm than "global warming" or "climate change".

mazenko said...

That's just silly, D.

Speaking with a publisher of evolutionary biology the other day, I struggled to explain the politics of it. He truly thought that the climate change deniers were simply uneducated children in the poorer parts of the country.

I tried to explain to him that many "educated" people actually deny the existence and relevance of climate change. He couldn't believe it.

I'll be sure to send him to your blog. It'll be like discovering the yeti for him

Sad, but true.

Darren said...

Don't blame me. Take it up with Mother Nature and the San Francisco Chronicle--hardly a mouthpiece for the American Right.