Monday, February 20, 2012

Overreaction, or Abuse?

I'm inclined towards the former, but you make your own call:
Valerie Borders, an Arkansas mom, made her 10-year-old son Nequavion walk to school after being suspended (for the fifth time) from riding the school bus. Was she congratulated? Nope. As per ABC News, Mom was charged with child endangerment and faces one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Let's unwrap the child abuse charges. KAIT says walk to school was longish (4.5 miles). A compassionate, public-spirited (or nosy, bored) bank security guard spotted the lad trudging to school and called the police. The tween boy implored the officer, "Please sir, don't take me home or my mother will beat me." So very Dickensian...

Admittedly, Nequavion's walk was long, but that's what made it consequentially perfect.
I got kicked off the school bus in 8th grade. That particular time it was unjust, but I recognized that I'd done enough on other occasions to deserve it and didn't raise a stink about it. My mother didn't punish me, I just walked to school (maybe 2 miles) for a week. Natural consequences.


KauaiMark said...

(...suspended for the fifth time)

I walked or rode my bike to school maybe 1-3 miles all through 2 grade schools and 2 H.S. schools.

Investigating mom on the word of a 10yr old kid that's causing problems on the bus? Maybe, but arresting? No.


PeggyU said...

On the other hand, that name does seem to border on abusive. He is probably the only Nequavion in the whole country. There's not even a good way to shorten it, and I am sure he has to spell it for everyone he meets.

The walk could have imparted a useful lesson, however.

W.R. Chandler said...

I'm sure the kid is acting out because his mother saddled him with the name "Nequavion."