Friday, February 24, 2012

Might We Actually Get A Short Winter In Sacramento?

If you want to see what a glorious day it was here in the capital yesterday, check out my video here. While we had high winds yesterday, the sky had only wispy clouds and the temperature was in the 70s.

Last year our winter was so long that skiing lasted into July instead of the usual May. This year we haven't really had a winter, but the magic of correlations says we might:
There's strong historical evidence that Sacramento's dry February could be followed by a wet March.

The National Weather Service noted on its website today that since 1878 in Sacramento there have been 25 months of February with an inch or less of rain.

The following March in 23 of those 25 cases was wetter than usual. The average March precipitation following the dry months of February was 2.54 inches, forecasters stated.
Let's hope for #24!


socalmike said...

Hey Darren - I was just up in Sac-town this week for a conference - been there before, but noticed on the flight up how brown all the hills are - not like usual for Feb, when the hills in California are the most beautiful green in the world. our hotel was across the street from the Capitol, and the magnolias are already blooming. Too early. Hope the 'regression to the mean' comes true - we certainly need the rain down here, too.

Darren said...


But the highway from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Laramie, Wyoming, in July gives California foothills a run for the money!

allen (in Michigan) said...

So what's the verdict? Weather or climate?

Hmmm, people don't like the lack of rain so it must be climate and evidence of climate change. Unless of course it starts to rain, and rain a lot. Then it's still climate change. But if the weather's nice that's just weather.

Boy, that's confusing.

Lefties don't seem to have any trouble keeping all those distinctions in their appropriate categories so that must be evidence of the lefty intelligence I hear so much about. Insightfulness so piercing that it allows its practitioners to see whatever they want to see.