Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Membership Criteria For College Groups

If a bunch of frat boys want to join and "take over" the Lesbian Club, is that acceptable or not? When freedom of association conflicts with school policies, which should win out?
Christian student organizations at Vanderbilt University may be forced to go underground or meet in secret after university officials doubled down on a policy that bans student religious groups from requiring their leaders to hold specific beliefs, according to a law professor at the university.

Vanderbilt said their nondiscrimination policy ensure that campus groups are open to all students. But opponents said the ban restricts their freedom of speech and could force some nationally-known groups off campus.
This is exactly why colleges and universities should not financially support student clubs at all. These clubs should support themselves, and should get no support or interference from their respective schools.


Jean said...

Hey, you take their money, you follow their rules. I'd agree that funding student organizations isn't a good idea.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on what club is doing the discriminating; a relative tried to attend her campus Hispanic club, so she could use her Spanish in an informal setting, and she was told that she was not welcome - and in a very unfriendly, almost threatening, way. Club action supported by the admins, of course.