Monday, February 06, 2012

The Latest Rumors

California's state budget is a disaster, but with the exception of pay freezes, cutting the number of school site vice principals, and dropping most school busing, our district hasn't fallen over a cliff.

Secret word leaking out of the district office, though, tells us this tale: for the rest of this school year, things won't change much and there will be no furlough days. Next year, though, will be a bloodbath. There will be smiting with fiery swords. Ten furlough days is what I've heard is being discussed, and who knows what other cuts are in the offing.

We can only keep our head in the sand for so long, I guess.


Anonymous said...

"There will be smiting with fiery swords. Ten furlough days ..."

Does this mean that the teachers would get furloughed for ten days during the school year? Which would mean that the days of instruction was ten less than this school year?

-Mark Roulo

Darren said...

That's what it would mean. The state has already reduced the required number of school days, but our district is still at 181 days.

Mr. W said...

when we did furlough days it was 10 days spread over 2 years, so 5 & 5. We got them back, but who knows what our district is going to do.

They recently re-hired all the positions they cut out 3 years ago. Probably just a move to re-cut them again.