Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kindergartners' Obama Chant Canceled

How could anyone have thought this was acceptable behavior in the United States?
The people have spoken in Houston and forced a school to change a its decision to use an over-the-top poem praising President Obama.

Just last week The Blaze brought you the story of Tipps Elementary School in Houston that sent kindergarteners home with an assignment to learn a poem that lavished praises on the president as part of Black History Month.
The school is trying to downplay their mistake, but have no doubt it was a mistake.


Ellen K said...

Inner city Houston is VERY LIBERAL. It rivals Austin in its agenda. I think they prefer to do these types of indoctrination schemes in secret.

MikeAT said...

It is acceptable in Obama's vision of America. Remember he wants to fundamentally change the United States.


You're right central Houston is very liberal. The scary thing is this school was not in central Houston. It is in the NW corner of the city, a conservative suburb.

Hopefully this stupidly becomes OBE in November.

Ellen K said...

Remember, the "new money" in Houston has embraced liberalism in the form of their openly lesbian mayor and a variety of social initiatives that make them sound more like they belong in Cali. Of course the "new money" is riding on the hopes of a second Obama term. "Old Money" has bugged out of Houston and started buying up land in the Hill Country pushing Austin liberals to move to Houston. Symbiosis at its finest.