Thursday, February 09, 2012

Father Teaches Daughter Lesson About Facebook

Teenage girl smarts off about her parents on Facebook, thinking they won't find out.

Wrong answer.

Of course I think it's hilarious, but at least one commenter at that link is correct:
So, your daughter gets over rebellious and says some mean things about you to her friends. Be angry? Sure. Punish her? I expect. But then what? You take it 10 steps further and try to humiliate her over the internet. Now, how the (expletive deleted) is that any different than what she did to you? Hell, that's worse if you ask me!
As I said to another teacher today, some people need a butt-kicking, and it's hard to feel sorry for them when they get it. Same with this situation; I'm conflicted.

But it's still pretty funny!


scott mccall said...

you got this from me didn't you?

Darren said...


Ellen K said...

I got this on Facebook from a friend. What was interesting was the range of responses. Some of the liberal responders were outraged at the father's anger. I, on the other hand, noted that he had warned the girl before and that he seemed genuinely aggrieved at his daughters ingratitude. I'm sure the truth is somewhere in between, but the moniker of "Generation E" for entitlement is not far from the mark. I promise you that unless something drastic is done to peel children away from the false prophets of cell phone aps, computer games and cyber nonsense, we will be paying for their selfishness and ignorance for decades to come.