Monday, February 20, 2012

Education Regulations Under Fire

I don't have enough understanding of the situation to know whether the regulations are good or typical bureaucratic molasses, can anyone illuminate this issue for me?
House Republicans are looking to move legislation as early as next week that would repeal two Education Department regulations that the GOP say intrude on the authority of states to set education policy.

The Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education act, H.R. 2117, was placed on the Rules Committee agenda late last week, a signal that the committee will soon meet to write a rule for floor consideration of the bill.


Anonymous said...

There is a description of HR 2117 here:

It looks like it is form the perspective of those who want to pass it, so keep that in mind.

But ... assuming that the folks pushing it are trying to keep the federal government out of something that the constitution doesn't assign to the feds ... this seems reasonable.

I'll also note that the Republicans don't seem so gung-ho on minimal federal government when *they* get to hand out the money, so I won't be surprised if this is really just partisan sniping.

-Mark Roulo

KauaiMark said...

Do we really need a Fed Department of Education? I think not.

MikeAT said...


We do not need a federal Department of Education. Or Department of Energy, or Department of Homeland Security, or Commerce, or HUD or dare I say it Department of Veterans Affairs.