Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coast Guard Academy?

A few months ago I met a Coast Guard Academy admission officer at my school, just happened to be in the counseling office when he finished speaking to one of our counselors. Since my son is interested in enlisting in the Coast Guard, and since I attended a military academy, he and I spoke for over half an hour. He mentioned an "educators and influencers" conference to be held in the spring, and today I received my invitation--it takes place in 3 weeks!

I hope my principal lets me attend and that I don't have to use my own paid leave time to participate in a program designed to help my school's students.

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EdD said...

I hope you get to attend. I went to the USMC educators workshop a while back and got a lot out of it. I was an Army vet, so there was a lot of service rivalry joshing. Some of the kids I taught are now Marines because
of my description of that week in San Diego.