Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Unified Theory

For all the physics buffs out there, here's a unified theory of left-wing causes:
Isn’t it interesting that no matter what the current global crisis is, according to leftists, the solution is always the same: a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations.
Interesting that I pointed out the same thing 2 years ago, only without the physics language.


allen (in Michigan) said...

In the source column mention's made of Paul Ehrlich's silly books. The irony is that at the time Ehrlich released the book there was already twenty years worth of information to put the lie to the underlying thesis.

The U.N., by the early seventies had accumulated data which showed a pretty relentless rise in the standard of living of the entire human race so Ehrlich was provably false before the first copy of The Population Bomb hit the book shelves.

Darren said...

Yet he's still feted.

allen (in Michigan) said...

...which is an indication that it's not his ability to predict that's the source of Ehrlich's enduring popularity but his ability to entertain.

Ehrlich gives lefties what they crave, the sensation that they're superior. For that he's done right well. The desire to feel superior is strong enough that it'll withstand all sorts of information to the contrary. All the lefties have to do is squeeze their eyes tightly shut, put their fingers in their ears and mumble loudly enough to avoid hearing what they don't want to hear.

The mistake most conservatives make is that the issues are issues of fact and thus amenable to discussion and compromise. That's simply incorrect.

The issue is whether the self-identifying superior should dictate to their inferiors, or not.

Ehrlich, when he's not studying butterflies, gives the self-identifying superior slogans and memes to use to help polarize the political discussion and create the atmosphere wherein radical solutions become more acceptable. That's the source of his enduring popularity - his entertainment value.