Friday, November 27, 2009

Climate Change

Worldwide, hurricanes are at their lowest level in 30 years. What was it the Goracle said after Katrina?

CO2 levels are higher than they've been in a couple million years, and the earth isn't heating up.

Not only has climate change data been faked, but the computer code for the climate models was faked, too. If climate change supporters were right, they wouldn't have to lie.

Some will still call me a "denier", but the evidence keeps going my way.

Let's look at the track record of similar scares.

Population bomb
Peak oil
Global cooling/"The Coming Ice Age"
Nuclear winter
Resource depletion of the 90's
Bird flu
SARS pandemic
Global warming
Swine flu pandemic

What do they all have in common? Several things.

1. They all required immense, immediate governmental action,
2. action favored by leftists,
3. action that would have a seriously adverse effect on the global economy and prosperity,
4. to forestall apocalyptic consequences.
5. None of them happened.

I guess a worldwide swine flu pandemic is still possible, but I'm not going to get my panties in a bunch over it yet.

Update, 11/29/09: Looking at the economy like a physicist would leads to an interesting (if inconvenient for some) conclusion.

Update #2, 12/20/09: Here is a good synopsis of what I wrote above:

Fundamentally, the Malthusian argument goes like this. (A) There isn’t enough of X to go around. (B) Therefore, human aspirations must be constrained. (C) Therefore an authority must be empowered with sufficient force to crush the lives of large numbers of people. Whether the “X” involved that must be controlled is Lebensraum, food, natural resources, or the right to engage in activities that emit carbon (i.e., live), the bottom line is always the same. Contrived scarcity is used to justify tyranny.

More and more government regulation does not lead to liberty.

Update #3, 12/20/09: 100 reasons why climate change is natural.