Friday, September 09, 2011

"You're Not On The PR Staff, Are You?"

From Instapundit:
This is the face of one of Obama’s core constituencies. This is what you voted for when you voted for “hope and change.” He can’t even curse creatively.

UPDATE: John Hinderaker: “Has any Tea Partier ever acted in such a violent, threatening, disgusting manner? No. You might think that the union member is a low-life from the gutter, but the remarkable thing is that in all probability, he makes more money than you do.”


Update: Could this be why the gentleman is so angry?
After a union wildcat strike turned violent on Thursday, triggering a walkout at five ports in Washington state, longshoremen went back to work on Friday.

But in an unusual twist, the National Labor Relations Board succeeded in getting a federal judge to issue a preliminary injunction Thursday against further union activity at the Port of Longview after the union ignored the temporary restraining order that he issued a week earlier.


Happy Elf Mom said...

Maybe he IS on the PR staff and they can't fire him b/c he's union.

Ha ha ha! :)

KauaiMark said...

(cue the music)
"Loook for the union label..."