Monday, September 12, 2011

Walking To School In The Snow, Uphill Both Ways

Hurricane Irene has caused such severe flooding in Vermont that some towns are inaccessible by road. How do the kids get to school? They hike around the mountain a little bit:
But on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 7:55 a.m., three days after the storm closed down much of the state, the four school buses pulled up right on time, and off hopped 18 children from the dark side of the mountain (their electricity was still out).

“They were so proud,” Ms. Prescott said.

They had reason to be. Their families had discovered a half-mile-long forest path that they could walk, from Route 4 across the mountain to their school bus. At first, the woods were still and unsettling. “My hands shaked a little bit,” said Jillian Bradley, a second grader.

But as Sophia Hussack, another second grader said, “Since Vermont got hit by the storm, people think we couldn’t, but we do.” And what townspeople do and have done is a thing to behold: they have taken that quiet trail and in two weeks’ time turned it into the I-95 of wooded paths. More than a 1,000 people a day now walk it to get to their jobs and go food shopping on the other side. So many cars line Helvi Hill, the dirt road leading to the path on this side, that handwritten no parking signs have been posted to make sure the road stays passable.
It's a nice feel-good story. And if I can toss in some political commentary, I notice that no one there is waiting for the federal government to come save them.

Hat tip to reader Steve for the link.


mrelliott said...

FINALLY! A story that shows where the biggest educational influence comes from----the family!! Thanks Darren. This one...I enjoyed!

MikeAT said...

Yes, but did that and we were grateful...these kids probably whinned all the way up and where's my Metamucil? :<)

PeggyU said...

For sure, some of them probably whined about it - especially after the novelty wore off. :) It will be something they can tell their kids about someday, though, and they will!