Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Need Another Reason To Want To Get Rid Of The US Department of Education?

I've written before about the new policy, pushed by the Department of Education, that lowers the standard of proof for a rape allegation against a student from "beyond a reasonable doubt" to "preponderance of evidence". This is clearly a travesty of justice, and I'm glad at least one court agrees with me:
As the U.S. Education Department is aggressively reinforcing colleges’ legal obligations to address allegations of sexual assault -- and making examples of those that don't -- a federal jury on Friday found a university negligent for how it treated someone accused by a fellow student of rape.

The verdict will likely be mulled over at colleges across the country, where judicial hearings for alleged sexual assaults are the norm – and where confusion and a lack of guidance over how such hearings should transpire often result in the mishandling of cases, experts say. However, these discussions tend to focus on the rights of the accuser, rather than the alleged perpetrator.
You might want to click on that link and read the whole article.

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