Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Never Knew All My Students Were Bilingual

Because I had *so* many extra hours to burn each day, and could only tolerate reading and videos so much, I took the plunge and signed onto Facebook. Very soon afterward many former students were asking to "friend" me. After friending them I could see how they communicate with each other, and I admit to being stunned. I never knew they were bilingual.

They speak Standard English, which is how they communicate with me. With each other, though, they use an alien tongue. It's not like my day, wherein we used different words but our communications were somewhat comprehensible to our seniors; no, this language includes weird sounds (e.g., yeeeeeee) and, in its written form, hashtags (e.g., #swag). How does one pronounce a hashtag? And when did the foulest of language become acceptable in a public format?

Whatever. Someday when they're trying to understand their own kids, I'll just sit back in my rocking chair and laugh.

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