Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yes. Next Question.

Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

Linked by a proud Firefox user :-)


Rhymes With Right said...

Wrong question.

It should be "Why are Internet Explorer users so dumb?"

SMiller said...

As someone who has used Opera, Firefox and IE, I have to wonder is why so many people are gaga over Firefox. It feels clunky to me, it's always having/trying to update itself, and it seems slower than IE to me.

I was very happy using Opera, but there are lots of pages out there now that Opera does not play nicely with, so I've switched almost exclusively over to IE.

Maybe I'm dumb, but at least I'm not trying to claim that Apple is going to save the world.

Darren said...

IE has now adopted some of the nifty features of Firefox, and sometimes it *is* faster. I initially liked Firefox because it was faster, having dispensed with so many bells and whistles that only 1% of IE users ever used, but now I'm just used to it.

And I try to use as little Microsoft software, outside of an operating system, as possible.