Sunday, July 03, 2011

Where The NEA Could Be Heading

It's nowhere good, if these are the people at the helm:
A candidate for NEA President named Mark Airgood, a Vice President candidate named Ceresta Smith, and two Executive Committee candidates, named Tania Kappner and Ed Guzman, all took to the microphones to give their candidate speeches to the 7,300+ delegation. They all belong to a group called, "BAMN." BAMN, which stands for, By Any Means Necessary, is leading a new leftist civil rights movement and according to them, the far right is nothing more than a racist group of people who are actively trying to impose new Jim Crow laws on the Latinos and blacks. According to BAMN's journal, The Liberator (Vol.7, No.2), youth leadership for their cause is key. Direct quote: "Developing a militant, politically conscious, left-wing youth leadership for our new movement is everything. The boldest, most determined, and angriest leaders of our new civil rights movement thus far have emerged from the high schools and middle schools."

These four candidates for NEA's highest positions have this militant Marxist ideology. These four people are teachers. They teach innocent kids. I have never been in their classrooms, but I can't imagine they hold their beliefs to themselves. By the amount of hatred in their eyes during their speeches today, their stressed necks, bulging veins, fist pounding, heightened tone, I have to believe that they spread their venom to their students on a daily basis. They are using their classrooms to indoctrinate.

Over and over again they mentioned mass civil disobedience, that we must wage war on the right, the enemies of education must be crushed, RESIST, the time is now! The delegation cheered their messages. I don't think they'll have a chance of winning. They are going against beloved incumbents, but their tone brought applause, and that is a concern to me. It shows that their extreme views are accepted. We vote tomorrow. I'll post the results then.


Ellen K said...

I think that teachers deserve a viable representation alternative to the NEA. The NEA espouses an ideology that is not to the benefit of teachers or students. Like the folks who left AARP because of their willingness to support Obamacare even over the objection of their members, NEA members should have the right to join alternative organizations that have political goals more aligned with mainstream thought.

Darren said...

That alternative would be the Association of American Educators.

LeftCoastRef said...

There is also CEAI. They give me the same legal coverage as NEA/CTA for $139/yr. And I am not a member of my local union nor the parent organizations either. Thanks Mr. ROtLC for that information a few years ago!

Darren said...

CTA offers $1 million in liability coverage, but the policy is in *their* name. In other words, they don't *have* to protect you with it if they don't want to! I have $2 million in coverage through AAE, on a policy with *my name* on it. And it costs about 1/3 of the money CTA refunds to me each year.

MikeAT said...


I know you will be shocked to know the NEA has endorsed...B Hussein Obama for President in 2012.

I know you never saw that coming.