Saturday, July 30, 2011

What A Freakin' Whiner!

Students of mine know the funny sound I make when students whine about something; it sounds something like dee-tee-tee-boo-poo-poo. Well, if I encountered this woman in person and she started talking, I'd raise my voice an octave or two, give her a sad face, and say dee-tee-tee-boo-poo-poo:
We have become victims of the Tyranny of 87. This is not a reference to the years immediately preceding the French Revolution of 1789. I am referring to July 2011 in the United States of America, the greatest democracy in the world. Or so I thought.

The Tyranny of 87 is the bizarre, surreal, but all too real situation we are in right now in the midst of perhaps the most significant and economically turbulent issue that has been before Congress in decades: the raising of the debt ceiling.

The tyranny is coming from the 87 members of Congress from the tea party caucus, whose selfish and irresponsible demands during the debt ceiling negotiations may very well mean either outright default or what could be even worse and too late to avoid -- the downgrade of the country's gold standard AAA credit rating. What is worse, these 87 little tyrants have no clear understanding of the fallout of either scenario.

She's got her panties in such a bunch, I can't help but wallow in schadenfreude. She's horrified--horrified!--that some Americans actually expect the government to spend less money and live within its means! Her disdain is apparent throughout, and yet in the last sentence quoted she even notches it up a bit by questioning their intelligence. I mean, smart people like her just know what's best for us rubes!

Sorry, lady, that ain't how it works anymore.

But what can you expect from someone like this?
Maria Cardona is a Democratic strategist, a principal at the Dewey Square Group, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, and former communications director to the Democratic National Committee.
I could almost feel sorry for her, if I weren't mocking her so much.


KauaiMark said...

"...former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, and former communications director"

I hope she soon gets to add an additional "former title" to her resume'

Anonymous said...

And yet, the plan is to still go bankrupt, even in the Tea Party budget gets passed, right?

Obama's basic proposal works out to a $1T annual deficit pretty much forever.

The Republican plan is to slash this by $1T over 10 years.

So we rack up $9T in new debt over the next decade rather than $10T. The radicals hope to cut the new debt in the next decade to a mere $6T.

In all these scenarios, I think we use the wall to stop spending more than tax revenues rather thsn using the brakes :-(

-Mark Roulo

Ellen K said...

I guess that whole deal about people getting to vote for their own representatives who may have their own political views is offensive. It is to most liberals.