Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today I Walk

Finally, the quadriceps in my left leg are beginning to work again. I can raise my foot, ever so slowly, more than a foot off the ground if need be! My knee bends--not fluidly, and not even 90 degrees yet, but it bends. With the quads and the knee beginning to work more like they should, my movement, while slow, starts to resemble what it should. Today, after 80 days, I walk.

When I go to physical therapy today, it will be without crutches and without a cane.

I'm not done yet. I still cannot go up or down a step without my right leg doing all the work, but I'm getting closer. I'll still need the cane for awhile, especially for distances that aren't as short as that from the car to the therapy office, and I may even need the wheelchair for awhile to get across campus when school starts, but the progress I'm making is clear.

And for that I'm thankful.


Ellen K said...

Congratulations Darren! I knew you would get there sooner or later. Just tell people you were injured in a dramatic competition and they will claim you as a hero. Stay strong.

MikeAT said...

Before it was Ramen...next it is SPAM! :<)

Congrats...hope your walking in the airport soon to say F$%^ Icelandair!

Darren said...

I admit, it's much easier to be strong now than it was in those dark days of April and May--but I'm glad I faced them with more dignity than self-pity, even though there was both.

Darren said...

Oh, and at therapy today I got to 90 degrees of bend (with a little help!). Small victories are victories nonetheless.

Rho said...

I know (after knee replacement) how you fight for those degrees in bend! Keep up the fight!