Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maybe This Is Why Liberals Feel So-called White Guilt

They have something to feel guilty about:
Here is the ultimate political irony of the Obama era and gentry liberalism: the metropolitan areas most passionately committed to the progressive agenda – which have adopted them on the state and local level – also tend to be those with the highest rates of inequality and the deepest poverty. Indeed, if cost of living is included, most of the urban counties with the highest percentage of poor people are located in the very bluest areas of New York, California or Washington, D.C., which together account for five of the nation’s ten poorest counties. As a state, California, once a prototype for democratic capitalism, now suffers the worst income inequality in the country.
Hat tip to NewsAlert.

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Ellen K said...

Chicago, adopted home of President Obama, has long been cited as one of the most racially divided, ethinically isolated cities in the nation. Any parent who can puts their kids in private schools. Neighbor hood enclaves are divided strictly along racial and nationality lines. Boston has similar issues and was one of the last cities to integrate their public schools. The ensuing riots were far worse than any sort of protests seen in Dallas, Houston or Oklahoma City.