Friday, July 29, 2011

I Went Through The Nudie Scanner!

At the airport in Las Vegas, I went through the porno scanner.

The TSA agent on duty essentially lied to me, telling me it wasn't the scanner about which I'd heard so much, but he finally came around to telling me what I hope was the truth--the image, which I'd be able to see after I'd gone through, was not an x-ray-vision shot of my "stuff", but rather a Gumby-like drawing with curious/suspicious areas marked with a dot.

Mine showed a dot on my left knee, where in April the surgeon used a screw to attach the remaining portion of my tendon directly to my kneecap. (I hope that wasn't the "let's fool the public" picture, with some pervo in another room checking out the actual picture of my stuff.)


MikeAT said...

Did you enjoy it? ;<)

Darren said...

Sadly, I didn't even feel a tingle.