Friday, July 01, 2011

Found In The Garage...

My dad's mother's parents in England:

A very young me looking towards Heaven:

A very young me smiling:

My dad and I (probably around 1969):

Christmas 1984, in the West Point Blazer Uniform:

Graduation Week 1987, 1st Regimental Staff (I'm in the center):


Anonymous said...

These are great pics of you and your family Darren. Thanks for sharing.

PeggyU said...

After you are done clearing treasures out of your garage, would you like to organize an expedition into ours? There's so much crap in there, there HAS to be something good! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are holding a "Wonder Book of Counting Rhymes" in the second picture.

I find this very funny :-)

Also predictive.

-Mark Roulo

Coach Bradley said...

I've always known that it is an honor to go to the Military Academy, but I didn't realize how hard it is to get in.
Did you have to get a Congressman to recommend you for Westpoint?

Darren said...

Congressman Bob Matsui, whose widow Doris is still in Congress, nominated me.